Sunday Session

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Do as many rounds in 45 minutes as you can. It took me about 6 minutes to do one round. I would suggest a 1:00 minute rest in between each round but rest whenever you need it.

10 Each Leg – Single Leg Deadlift

Use laundry soap, a kettlebell, or whatever other heavy items you want to try. If you have a Bosu Ball, you can do this exercise on it for an extra stabilizer workout. I would use a lighter weight item if attempting the Bosu challenge.

5 Total – Pushup with Elbow Tap

10 Total – Jump Lunge with Ankle Tap

If you can’t quite tap your foot, work on just lifting your back foot off the ground.

5 Total – Plank Walkouts

Put your feet against a wall for a little extra help!

10 Each Leg – Reverse Lunge with Step-up Thrust

Shown on Bosu Ball and stairs. You can also use a bench or box if you have those.