Easter Workout

By April 12, 2020 April 13th, 2020 No Comments
You will need a rope or gear bag and a foam roller or water bottle (add water if you’d like some added weight).¬†Make sure you stretch out the shoulders with some arm circles and down dog / up dogs in your warm up!
We are going to do 1 minute of activity with a 20 sec rest, x 4. You will complete all 4 rounds in each activity before moving on to the next activity. Take a minute to rest between activities.

Burpee with Overhead Press (If your bag or rope is heavy, do NOT add the jump.)

Jumping Wood Chopper (Foam Roller or Water Bottle)

Hollow Body with Single Leg Crunch Pass Through (Foam Roller or Water Bottle)

Turkish Get Up to Hand (If you are inexperienced with these, do not use heavy weight and please go slow.)

Glute Bridge (Bag or Rope)