Death by 700

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Break down the activities in manageable sets. I suggest sets of 10. Try to minimize your breaks, but make sure you take them if you need. I have shown modifications for the Plank Tuck Jump and the Lunge Kick Throughs. They are after the original versions.

Plank Tuck Jump (Modification shown.)

Pike Scissor Kick with ISO Overhead Weight (I’m using a 4 lb weight, but you can use a bag of flower, a full water bottle, or a heavier weight!)

Burpee with a Straddle Jump Ball Slam (If you have a weighted ball of any kind, use it. Overall, it will create a better workout. If not, get a ball retriever!)

Three Way Lunge (Push yourself by counting all three as one or make it a bit easier by counting each lunge as one.)

Side Jump with a Single Leg Alternating Toe Touch (Each side equals one.)

Bridge Toe Touch (Each touch equals one.)

Lunge Kick Through (Each side equals one. Modification shown.)